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TORONTO – ENTERTAINMENT – John Stevens and Doug Sloan, business owners and actor advocates in Toronto, Canada spoke with CBC news recently to call attention to the lack of government regulation when it comes to Talent companies doing business in Canada. CBC caught up with John and representatives from over 6 different talent agencies in Toronto outside a “casting call” for an American Talent company charging up to $10,000.00 USD to attend their event.“We have grave concerns for consumers in the Canadian market who want to launch their acting careers who do not have the proper credentials to do so at these high priced American events” they told reporters.The duo explained further that, “Canadians cannot just pop over the border and work in the US. You have to have a green card, dual citizenship or what’s called an 01 Visa. All of which are difficult to obtain not to mention the process can be pricey. In order to qualify for an 01 visa you have to first have enough film and television credits in Canada and be an A.C.T.R.A. member to make you a viable candidate.”

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